Life after dust

Kudos to Fuji UK, they turned around my under-warranty x100t in just one week, measured by the day I sent it off, to the day that I had it back in my hands. More importantly, there are no more dust spots on… View Post

Let’s get aerial

Flying from Edinburgh to Newark provided excellent opportunities to spy on Newfoundland and Quebec from the air. All photographed with an iPhone and edited using Snapseed. Fun combo. View Post

Think twice: multiple exposures

My Fuji rangefinder has a fun “multiple exposures” setting that allows you to shoot/overlay two images. Handily, after taking the first, you can see the effect of the second before you add it, using the screen to get a live… View Post

In search of zebras

Pedestrian perambulations, hunting for the not-so-elusive zebra (crossing). View Post

Fun with dust

(Update: Camera was returned to me (warranty repair) by Fuji in less than a week.) Understatement alert: I’m a bit of a Fuji x100 addict. I started with the original (fantastic), graduated to the 100s (also fantastic) and ultimately purchased… View Post