Peace, love(bot) and harmony

Tooling around St Andrews today, came upon my first-ever sighting of a Lovebot sticker. From the official website: The Love Invasion began as a Toronto-based grassroots initiative, featuring the deployment of 100 hand-cast concrete Lovebot sculptures. Acting as a unique… View Post

Indietracks 2016

This isn’t just a blog about Indietracks, though I do appear to be a bit tardy, blog-wise, in all other respects. Have been writing up a storm in other spheres. Regardless, Indietracks 2015 was a blast, as my related photo… View Post

Lee Miller and Picasso

Fascinating exhibit of Lee Miller’s photographs of friends, family, as well as Picasso, at Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery. Loved the combination of her square rolleiflex photos as well as the occasional Zeiss (35mm) images. View Post

How to Hack a Bitcoin Exchange

How do you rob a bitcoin exchange? A data breach investigation report allegedly leaked from Bitstamp, which was hacked in January, provides interesting insights into what appeared to be a dedicated phishing attack. The attacker – or attackers – targeted their… View Post

Previewing: Indietracks 2015

Super-pleased to be photographing again this year at Indietracks 2015 in Derbyshire. The Midland Railway offers a riot of visual possibilities. Not just around the live music, but also the spectators, plus portraits — set amongst the railway yard, inside train cars,… View Post