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Server at 71 Brewing's Beer Garden
71 Beer Garden

Kudos to 71 Brewery here in Dundee for launching a beer garden during the pandemic — when social distancing rules allowed for it outdoors — and continuing to upgrade it. Once lockdown rules eased in Scotland earlier this year, it was wonderful to have an outdoor place to get back to.

Now there’s a more permanent covered section that’s good for sunny days and likely also rainy days too. (Not to jinx this summer, but there’s been an unexpected run of lovely weather.)

Oh and of course the beers are phenomenal, and new kegs literally get rolled out the back of the brewery whenever they need to get connected. The farm-to-table movement emphasizes food only having to travel a short distance before it reaches your plate. Is there a brewery-to-beer glass concept? If so, 71 Brewing continues to win in more ways than one.