Goodbye 2018

Street art in Dundee, Scotland, on Mary Ann Lane, December 2018.

Au revoir, 2018. What’s in store for next year?

I haven’t been “finding” the time to update this blog much, while at the same time filing daily stories or blogs, or podcasts, audio or video interviews for my cybersecurity reporter day job with Information Security Media Group, which I love.

But ideally, I would be devoting a bit more time to various pursuits, including rounding up such essential information as my favorite coffeehouses and photographic locales around Scotland. (Contact me now-now-now for any available sponsorship opportunities.)

Hopefully, soon. In the interim, however, my Instagram feed has a near-daily dose of freshness, mixing food, travel, lately street art and more.

And for 2019 inspiration, at least on the writing and journalism front, try this: Dan Baum writes a wonderful blog chock full of advice and ongoing observations of the mechanics of writing/reporting, which I am finding oh so very inspirational and helpful.