Coffee at Alain Ducasse in London

Recently I took my first foray into the Coal Drops Yard, a retail development out the back of King’s Cross railway station that opened in October 2018.

London Coal Yards: “The sinister towers of Minas Google” (as a friend of mine puts it)

Lots of building still underway in the area. Also, super cute, with a canal running through, canal boats — and geese — on the approach, and lots of shops.

Canal at London Coal Yards

With time to kill one morning before I caught my train, I went exploring thanks to an interesting-looking review by Brian’s Coffee Spot — available via all fine RSS readers — of Le Cafe Alain Ducasse (16 Bagley Walk, King Cross, London N1C 4DH).

Brian’s excellent reviews of coffee joints populate my ever-increasing wishlist of coffeeshops to visit on my travels around Britain and beyond.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The typical array of espresso and pour-over filter coffee options looked enticing. As did one of the day’s “rare origins” specials, via Junin/Peru.

After discussing options with the super-friendly and helpful barista (French, bien sûr), that was my pick.

The coffee was lovely, arriving with its own little stoppered jar to keep it warm, as well as an excellent madeleine.

Cute place, highly recommended if you fancy a lovely coffee.

Want to attend, but need a way to keep the non-coffee-heads happy? Cue tea and hot chocolate as options as well. Untested by moi.