Fun with dust

(Update: Camera was returned to me (warranty repair) by Fuji in less than a week.)

Understatement alert: I’m a bit of a Fuji x100 addict. I started with the original (fantastic), graduated to the 100s (also fantastic) and ultimately purchased an x100t (still fantastic — especially the inclusion of WiFi for editing/posting on the go). Hands down, it’s my favorite camera (series), in part because I love the 35mm lens, lightness, portability and it being a super-quiet rangefinder.

Fuji x100 addict

With all that aside, one upside for me of the camera is the super-sharp lens. It’s not changeable, but I don’t mind; am happy to sacrifice lens switchability for portability as well as eliminating dust from showing up on the sensor, since without lens changes, there’s no way it should be sneaking in. Or so I thought.

While shooting some photographs Saturday, I┬ánoticed a blob on images and in live view. I duly cleaned both the filter and also the lens, but no dice — it is, and as anyone who’s used an interchangeable digital SLR will have become familiar with, looks like dust on the sensor.

I pinged Fuji UK, they’re shipping out a mailer so that I can return it for repair, under warranty. Promised turnaround is 48 hours once they get it.

Photo fans, start your timer.

Sensor dust, exhibit A (unprocessed photo)
Sensor dust, exhibit B (unprocessed photo)

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