How to Hack a Bitcoin Exchange

How do you rob a bitcoin exchange? A data breach investigation report allegedly leaked from Bitstamp, which was hacked in January, provides interesting insights into what appeared to be a dedicated phishing attack. The attacker – or attackers – targeted their…

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Previewing: Indietracks 2015

Super-pleased to be photographing again this year at Indietracks 2015 in Derbyshire. The Midland Railway offers a riot of visual possibilities. Not just around the live music, but also the spectators, plus portraits — set amongst the railway yard, inside train cars,…

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Site Redesign

After many years of running a static HTML site, and more than a good few years of using, designing and/or delivering CMS-driven sites for clients, I’ve finally upgraded my own site to a dynamically generated CMS. Still in progress, as I…

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