Princeton, NJ

Hotel Room Diary

Three cheers for inspiration.  Just discovered the Instagram feed of portrait/reportage photographer Justin Sutcliffe, a fantastic photographer whose work I’ve previously noted and loved, including his stunning photograph of PC David Rathband, as well as his photograph of the shoe-keeper at the Blue…

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The Great Crypto Diversion

Following the Westminster attack in London, Britain’s home secretary, Amber Rudd, scapegoated social networks and end-to-end encryption communications. Is it possible her government has a messy domestic political issue that it’s trying to avoid discussing? Unclear grasp of the realities of…

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St Andrews

Life after dust

Kudos to Fuji UK, they turned around my under-warranty x100t in just one week, measured by the day I sent it off, to the day that I had it back in my hands. More importantly, there are no more dust spots on…

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